RyCell Detox Fruit Cubes with Artichoke, Chlorella and Dandelion

RyCell Detox 45g (1 Piece)
RyCell Detox 45g (1 Piece)
RyCell Detox 45g (1 Piece)
RyCell Detox 45g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 45g
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A healthy diet is the best base for a successful cleansing of your body.

Also, exercise is essential for keeping your body in a good shape and it has many advantages for your health. For example, conducting exercise actives your metabolism and thereby has an active part in cleansing the body. Additionally, the body disposes some toxicants through sweat when doing physical activity.

As a supplement, there exists well-tried herbal components that help the body to dispose of various harmful substances. Well-known substances such as artichoke, chlorella and dandelion work on different systems to reduce the body´s pollution.

During a detox-phase, it is very important to drink sufficiently. You should abstain from alcohol, coffee, green and black tee. Recommendations are still water and herbal tea (excluding Rooibos). Also, try to eat alkaline foods or support your body in this phase with a concurrent treatment of alkaline powder.


apple, banana, coco flakes*, soya, whipped cream, artichoke*, dandelion*, chlorella*, salt, potassium hydroxide,
* product of organic farming

Nutritional values



Pro 100g


1.872 kJ
447 kcal

of which saturated fats

18,7 g
4,9 g

of which sugars

44,6 g
35,6 g


8,7 g


20,7 g


1,6 g

Recommended Application

5 cubes a day

Product Information

Pouch with 45 g
Weight before freeze-drying: approx. 225 g
Please keep the pouch closed after use in order to prevent the fruit cubes from becoming moist.